St Andrews by the Lake United Church

Join us for worship

Our progressive worship encourages questions, doubts, and the evolution of beliefs. We place great value on inclusivity and diversity in our community of faith. Worship provides opportunities for people from various backgrounds, cultures, and identities to come together to explore their spirituality. 

Being part of a supportive faith community helps us find strength and resilience in difficult times, reminding us that we are not alone on our journey.

Our congregational prayer expresses gratitude and hope for our community and the world:

Loving Spirit, who is in all creation,
Your wisdom and love endure forever.
You are our hope, our source of strength.

Open us to your love that embraces,
nourishes and sustains us.
Give us courage through life’s challenges.
Help us to create a world that is peaceful,
just, and accepting of all,
A world in which we are one with you and with each other.
Guide us in our efforts to heal relationships
and live in harmony.

Refresh our spirits when we have been hurt,
And help us to show compassion
and forgiveness to those who hurt us.
Encourage us to be generous
and to recognize the needs of others.

Loving Spirit, thank you for the awesome beauty
that surrounds and uplifts us.
Inspire us to be caring stewards o
f this wondrous Earth.

With your help, all things are possible.

What to expect when you join us for worship

  • Ample space for parking in the lot at the east end of Redden St. which includes several handicapped parking spaces
  • Entry through the main entrance facing Redden St. or up the ramp on the eastside of the church through an accessible entrance which includes a doorbell
  • A Sunday morning service which begins at 10 a.m. with greeters located at the entrances to the church who will give you a bulletin (including the order of service and announcements), a hymnbook and provide any assistance you may require
  • A guestbook for visitors to sign as a record of your time with us
  • An accessible washroom to the right of the stage at the front of the general purpose room which is our sanctuary
  • Your choice of seating
  • Friendly church members who will quickly introduce themselves and make you feel welcome
  • A Worship Service that typically lasts about one hour and includes a time for sharing joys and concerns, a musical prelude to prepare for worship, lighting of the Christ Candle, several hymns and prayers, recognition of our offerings of time, talents and gifts, special music provided by the choir, the Director of Music and sometimes guest musicians and scripture readings which are followed by our minister’s message that helps us to apply these readings into our current lives and circumstances.
  • Fellowship as we share treats, coffee and tea at the conclusion of the Worship Service

We hope to see you soon!

St Andrews by the Lake United Church